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To submit your resume for consideration, mail a hard copy to:

American Executive Management, Inc.
30 Federal Street
Salem, Massachusetts 01970 USA  


AEM Executives:

E. J. Cloutier, President    
S. Smith, Executive Assistant

Principal Consultants:

  • B. Blanchard
  • P. Moncrief
  • G. Codrington
  • L. Kirkpatrick
  • K. Engelberger
  • C. Mroz
  • P. Pitman 
  • T.B. Smith
  • A. Stryker
  • P. Bishop

All information received is treated as strictly confidential.  We will contact candidates whose qualifications meet specific executive search criteria.  An executive recruiter will arrange a personal meeting with candidates who qualify. In order to protect confidentiality, we never discuss or submit a resume without your specific approval.

Travel expenses for subsequent meetings and client interviews will be reimbursed to candidates.

We do not respond to the volume of resumes received, but will respond to those who may closely match a current assignment.  All other resumes will be kept on active confidential file for one year from time of receipt.